Lennie in Of Mice and Men at Playhouse on Park

*Nominated for a 2013 Broadway World Connecticut Award for best actor!*

“Aicher’s Lennie is sweet and childlike, making his uncontrollable need for reassurance and below-the-surface violence all the more heart-rending.”     Jacques Lamarre,

“Aicher… gives us a frightened, desperate, yet ever-hopeful and trusting Lennie. His performance drives the show and makes the final moments achingly sad.”     Geary Danihy, Connecticut Theater News and Reviews

“As Lennie, Aicher is quietly effective as the large, mentally-challenged man-boy. Aicher employs his physical size well, convincingly conveying Lennie’s awkward movements and zig-zagging loping. He is consistent throughout the evening in depicting Lennie’s childlike reaching for the right word and the character’s innate shyness and yearning for approval. He ably capture’s Lennie’s great attraction to helpless little animals, whether they be mice or newborn puppies, as well as his inability to understand the full destructive potential that his sturdy, ample body possesses. His is a touching performance that allows the audience to see that Lennie is indeed a man capable of not only dreaming of a rewarding future on a farm with his friend, but deserving of such a future.”     Andrew Beck, Hartford Arts Examiner

Mitch in A Streetcar Named Desire at Gulfshore Playhouse

“Jed Aicher’s Mitch, Blanche’s New Orlean’s conquest, gives depth to a role that can often seem a simpleton. There’s actual magic in the moment he whirls Brownell around the bedroom – and real hope for the brief moment when the two embrace.”     Chris Silk, Marco Eagle

Dag Hammarskjöld in A Season in the Congo at La MaMa

“Played convincingly by Jed Aicher, Hammarskjöld’s character brings out the subtleties in Césaire’s historical polemic.”     Colin Kinniburgh, Guernica